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Asmara Bhattacharya

writer Stone; 7-time AFF Screenwriting Competition Second Rounder; creator DickFlicks.net

A produced screenwriter and playwright, Asmara Bhattacharya’s scripts have placed seven times at AFF and twice at Nicholl as well as in many other screenwriting competitions. Networking via AFF, social media, and other venues have landed her contacts and mentors, reads by producers and agents, a freelance gig with a veteran triple hyphenate, and production of a monologue from her short script “Stone.” She wrote and directed her first short “Hard” in 2011 and will direct the full version of “Stone” next year. Her website, DickFlicks.net, was born of a late-night gym session diatribe, long before she discovered that the Bechdel Test had already targeted similar territory.