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Jan Vardoen

writer/director Autumn Fall

Jan Vardøen is a Norwegian auteur director/producer who has recently moved into the world of film. In 2013 he made the short "Working Stiff", in 2014 the feature "Heart of Lightness" and in 2015 the feature "Autumn Fall". He will be making one feature a year for the forseeable future. In 2016 "The Norwegian House" and in 2017 "Malecón". Both are in preproduction and shooting has started.

His background is somewhat unorthodox. He is a trained wooden boat builder (his family business) and a renowned restauranteur/chef in his native Norway. He designs and builds his own restaurants and businesses, as well as for others. He has appeared on numerous radio and  shows, usually in front of the camera, amongst other things as a judge on "Masterchef". He is an enthusiastic social commentator, writing in all of the newspapers of note. He has written many books, both fiction and non-fiction, which have had commercial and critical success with Norway's leading publishers. As a singer/songwriter he records under the name of Ian Senior and has released 5 CD's to date. He writes the soundtracks to his own films.


A totally independent filmmaker, his films are fairly low budget and he has learned how to make the most out of very little. At the same time his main focus is the responsibility of creating a fun and rewarding creative process for all involved in his films, at all times. His sets are famous for being informal, professional and relaxed and having the best catering ever! 

Trailer with English subtitles for "Autumn Fall": https://vimeo.com/139683627


Trailer in English for "Heart of Lightness" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IVUBfhvpIo


As Ian Senior: Spotify, Wimp, etc.